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116 lb Starting Weight
104 lb Latest Weight
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"I was already near my ideal weight , but I wanted to lose some fat love handles and Visceral fat. I was able to reduce my body fat 3.1% to 21% I had also experienced trauma as a child and was most interested in releasing that Stored trauma through the detox portion of this Body Reset. I gained 4.8 pounds during the first 2 days of fat loading, up to 116.6#, and on day 32 my IDEAL weight is now 104#. I Have lost 20.5 inches. I am dedicated to help others achieve their own personal goals in this Total Body Transformation process."

My Journal


DAY 103 8/3/2021 my weight this morning was 103.8#. So I am easily maintaining my weight for the past 2 months.


Day 3 4/26/2021 Down 1.2 pounds today! Ate Buffalo cooked with cabbage for lunch and shrimp with asparagus for dinner. Had Apple and 1/2 grapefruit for snacks. I need to drink more water!! Woke up a little hungry every day , but after I took my Vibe, I didn't feel hunger anymore. Day 4 4/27/2021 Down 2.2 pounds today. Ate spinach salad with crab an orange for lunch and for dinner had cod with beet greens and stems. Was having either a hunger or detox headache so since I don't want to lose a lot of weight, I made a strawberry smoothie with Prime super powder , ice and water. Water intake better today but still not a gallon. I had a little Headache and figured I was detoxing, so I took some activated charcoal / bentonite as a binder. Lots of energy . Drinking 2 Core per day ! Day 5 4/28/2021 Down 1.6 pounds today! I ate Apple chicken salad with a cucumber. I ate half of an Apple as a snack in the morning and half of a grapefruit at afternoon snack. Was a little hungry at bedtime , but drank more water. Great energy every day drinking 2 Core per day.


4/23/2021 I started my phase one fat loading process at dinner Friday, And continued it through all day Saturday. i consume 554 grams of fat and consumed 7335 calories. I felt very full and bloated. On 4/25/2021 Sunday I was only able to consume 318 grams of fat along with 4408 calories of food . I was very nauseated, full , bloated, and had to stop eating anything around 6:00 PM



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We know how distressing it can be when your weight and self-perception are not where you want them to be. ONE80 isn’t about addressing one area of health, but instead is a 30-day system that helps transform the body, foster positive feelings about yourself, and supports a long-term lifestyle of ideal health. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear ONE80 success stories from members of our Beta Group.

Results are unique to each individual.


So, 1 week ago was my 1-year anniversary of living the #one80life, and I was so busy all week that I didn't have any time to take pictures or measurements. But today, after church, I had a moment to snap a quick photo in my brand new suit. After 1 year and 1 week on ONE80, I'm weighing in at 159 after starting at 276.3. My heart used to be a ticking time bomb, but now, my health is immensely better. Still, I'm considered 11 lbs. overweight. And I'm not done yet, as Round 5 begins on May 1st in my quest for a visceral fat score of 1.

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Results are unique to each individual.

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