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Affiliate Dr. Eileen K.
56 Age
130 lb Starting Weight
124 lb Latest Weight
-6 lb Difference

"The sheer fact that Covid and all its changes has been thwarted upon my life while also going through menopause, has been Very challenging. I’ve been healthy my whole adult life. And menopause created changes that made me feel like all of my past strategies were no longer working. Clean, organic, vegan. Exercising often. I have this muffin top and Belly pad that I’ve never seen before! Add the stress of keeping my kid’s mental health safe during Covid lockdown and I found myself eating organic, rice pasta a wee bit too much. Now on top of that menopause foreign body, I add the visceral fat all over my body! I am SO thankful for this opportunity for a healthy, quick Reset! My metabolism deserves this reset! My cells deserve this reset! My spirit deserves this reset! My marriage deserves this reset! And certainly, my family and I deserve this reset! Here’s to transformation and the alchemy of The Reset! ✨❤️🙏🏽"

My Journal


I had another drop in weight today after a pretty heavy day of emotion. Life brought up a dark past that I was avoiding. My job is to see why I brought that energy to myself. It's hard because the person is mentally and criminally unstable. I had to forgive myself for being drawn in and love myself even though I lived a life with this person for over 4 years. Yesterday I was really angry. Like furious at her. Who the hell is she to mess with my life and my family so huge?! Got that out. And I'm now 123.2 lbs. That's down another 1.2 lbs!


One week in with 3 days of fat loading! I'm on day 5 of Phase 2, fat burning! I've lost the 4 pounds I've packed on to get my body burning fat instead of sugar. And i've lost an additional 1.6 lbs. I clearly have no inflammation to lose, otherwise those numbers would be bigger! I have 13 lbs to go for my goal! This is not a simple goal. I'm going for dropping the fat I've carried for 10 years as a mama. This is the last of it! It's probably easier to lose 13 lbs when you have 100 lbs to lose! I'm at the last of it, so I'm staying the course, trusting the process, and holding the expectation that I will reach my goal!!!


Day 2 of Phase 2. I've eaten chicken for 3 meals in a row(not supposed to do that) and tonight i had shrimp cocktail. I made a homemade cocktail sauce with sugar free ketchup and horseradish. The horse radish was wasabi spicy! I had steamed asparagus with that. My body is still expecting and demanding carbs! I want pasta. I'm not hungry, just wanting what I am used to and am not having. And the food I"m eating is good, but my body is not convinced it's what it wants. Tough times right now.


Today I just squeaked by with 4 days of Fat Loading, that I can start Phase 2! This is the Fat Burning Phase! The real magic! I’m excited to get started!


Day One Login: Finding it daunting to eat so Much the first 2 days of this reset! I’m trusting the program and have eaten more fat and calories this morning than I have ever before!



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So, 1 week ago was my 1-year anniversary of living the #one80life, and I was so busy all week that I didn't have any time to take pictures or measurements. But today, after church, I had a moment to snap a quick photo in my brand new suit. After 1 year and 1 week on ONE80, I'm weighing in at 159 after starting at 276.3. My heart used to be a ticking time bomb, but now, my health is immensely better. Still, I'm considered 11 lbs. overweight. And I'm not done yet, as Round 5 begins on May 1st in my quest for a visceral fat score of 1.

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