My Transformation Timeline
Affiliate Robert N.
54 Age
315 lb Starting Weight
235 lb Latest Weight
-80 lb Difference

"On July 24, 2021 I started this journey to a healthier me! Started off at 314.9 pounds and did 35 days of fat burning. On August 29, 2021 I weighed in at 272.2 pounds!!! Pounds shed was 42.7!!! Clothes fit better, skin is softer and less oily, sleeping better, and blood pressure decreased!!! If I can lose 42.7 pounds in a little over one month, imagine what you could do!!! Come and join me in a ONE80 journey to a healthier YOU!!!"

My Journal


R3 P2 D9: One week into round3!!! Starting weight was 260 after gaining 8 pounds from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!!! Gained 5.4 pounds to 265.4 during fat loading. After 7 days of phase 2, I'm down to 253.6 (11.8 pounds). Discovered a new favorite meal this round of sautéed cabbage and shrimp! Sautee cabbage in a little bit of water and then add shrimp after the cabbage cooks down a little. Season with your favorite seasoning and viola!!! Having Core+ back in stock is a life saver!!! Love the improved taste and ability to mix in your water bottle!!!


R2 P3 D35: Ended R2 at 252 lbs. Down 25.6 lbs from the start of R2. Not as much as I hoped for but still a lot of weight lost in just 30 days. Ran out of Vibe so we couldn't stretch it out longer. Happy to be eating breakfast again!!! Had a spinach, tomato, mushroom, and onion omelet (2 eggs) with about 3 ounces of portugese sausage on the side!!! For dinner cooked up a pork chop and zucchini mix! Ono!!!


R2 P2 D17: Total weight loss 17.3 pounds. Down to 260.4 pounds as of this morning. Weight loss this round has been much slower than round 1. R1 at the same time I was down 26 pounds. Increased protein to 4 oz instead of 100 grams on 10/22/2021 per Maka and Kainoa. Running out of Core, Hopefully it will be back in stock soon!!!


R2 P2 D10: Total weight loss 14.1 pounds. Down to 263.6 today. On day 7 lost only .2 pounds probably due to pressure washing the driveway and roadside for 3 hours with an elevated heart rate. Followed up the next day with a 3 pound decrease. Day 9 started with a .4 loss. Wondering if the soup I made for dinner was too salty. Drank and eliminated a lot of water throughout the following day and woke up to a 2.0 pound loss to start day 10. Week 2 here we come!!! Aiming for another 10 pounds shed this week. Let’s GO!!!


10/11/2021: R2 P2 Day 3: Fat loaded to 4.5 pounds @ 277.7. Starting Fat burning phase with new maintenance supplements.



Based on decades of scientific nutritional research and featuring the highest-quality wellness supplements, ONE80 is proven to create the physical, mental, and emotional transformations that are critical for maintaining amazing long-term health results.



We know how distressing it can be when your weight and self-perception are not where you want them to be. ONE80 isn’t about addressing one area of health, but instead is a 30-day system that helps transform the body, foster positive feelings about yourself, and supports a long-term lifestyle of ideal health. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear ONE80 success stories from members of our Beta Group.

Results are unique to each individual.


So, 1 week ago was my 1-year anniversary of living the #one80life, and I was so busy all week that I didn't have any time to take pictures or measurements. But today, after church, I had a moment to snap a quick photo in my brand new suit. After 1 year and 1 week on ONE80, I'm weighing in at 159 after starting at 276.3. My heart used to be a ticking time bomb, but now, my health is immensely better. Still, I'm considered 11 lbs. overweight. And I'm not done yet, as Round 5 begins on May 1st in my quest for a visceral fat score of 1.

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